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21 U.S.C.§ 813
(A) Except as provided in subparagraph (C), the term controlled substance analogue
means a substance -
(i) the chemical structure of which is substantially similar to the chemical structure of a controlled substance in schedule I or II;

(C) Such term does not include -
(iv) any substance to the extent not intended for human consumption before such an exemption takes effect with respect to that substance.

If sold or promoted for human consumption, some research chemicals sold on this site would fall under the USA federal analogue act, a subsection of the
controlled substance act and instantly be illegal, However we must make it crystal clear that all research chemical collector_s items sold on this site are
specifically not intended for human consumption and must never ever be consumed.

Consumption of these research chemical collectors_ items instantly make them illegal and the user will be at risk of federal prosecution under the Federal
Analogue Act, 21 U.S.C.§ 813, please note our web site and or product packaging clearly states the name of the research chemicals each collector_s items
contain that are available for sale in the USA, and states that the item is a collector_s item and specifically not indicated for human consumption. It is the buyer_s
responsibility to check the individual federal and state laws to confirm that the research chemical/s we list is contained in our collector_s item is legal to purchase
and receive. We must stress that it is the buyer_s liability if they receive a research chemical collector_s item that is illegal in their state or federally in the USA........
You will be immediately sent an order confirmation e-mail with full details of your order. Once the goods have been shipped you will be mailed a tracking code
within 24 hours of dispatch by a member of our customer service team.
If you have any further problems, please email us using the _Contact Us_ tab or visit us in the forum for additional assistance.
Bath salts for sale specializes in supplying research chemical collector_s items that may also be described as:, bath salts and plant fertilisation agents throughout
the, EU and USA and worldwide. We do not sell illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia and none of the products sold on this site are intended to be used as or
alongside illegal drugs. None of the products sold on this site are intended for human consumption
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